The Legal Profession: Is it for you?

1The Legal Profession: Is it for you?

Legal profession helps you gain prestige, wealth and the chance to perform intellectually challenging, interesting and exciting job.

But you need to know that just gaining a Jurist doctor (J. D) degree is not enough, you also need to know as well as understand the lifestyle that the professionals in the legal industry lead and also the way you can make your legal career a successful one. You have to plan your moves after deciding on the goals of your legal career and your life. Thus before taking any step you need to consider on many factors.

If you have an advanced degree and enough career experience and wish to pursue a career in law then Strom Law Firm suggest you to follow the legal career advice he gives you. You will be able to know how toproceed with your legal career and how to make it successful. visit at for more legal advice.

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The Wide Scope of Work as a Legal Assistant

3The Wide Scope of Work as a Legal Assistant

The legal profession is not limited to lawyers or judges only. It is much beyond what you can think about. One of the most important legal professions today is the job of legal assistant. The legal assistants are also known as paralegals. Paralegals or the legal assistants are the ones who are so trained that they can assist lawyers in delivering the legal services. Legal assistants perform a vital role in providing legal services by helping lawyers draft documents, prepare for trial and perform other legal duties. They work in corporate law departments, private legal firms, for the government and other law practicing areas under the guidance of an attorney. About 7 out of 10 paralegals work for legal firms while others work for corporations and government agencies. The paralegals, however, cannot give any legal advice or represent a client during the court proceedings or sign documents that are filed with courts or even establish legal fees.

Qualification Required

Paralegals or the legal assistants don’t have any formal paralegal training, says Strom Law Firm suggest. The legal assistants should possess a 2-year associate’s degree, a 4-year bachelor’s degree and a paralegal certificate. Legal assistants who have a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies have the maximum prospects of getting a suitable job. Most legal assistants advance their legal careers through a paralegal certification. They just need to clear an examination and have one year of experience in this field. For getting more information about the legal assistant i recommend you to visit at

The paralegals, says A. Harrison Barnes, need to undergo some courses in their degree program that teach them the fundamentals of law and also the specific details and skills that are required to perform their task. Some of these courses are family law, court rules, draft contracts and forms, legal terminology, civil litigation, real property law, legal writing, research and analysis, civil practice and procedures.

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Viral Marketing With Prepaid Legal and The Blastoff Network?

2An Internet Viral Marketing Venue?

The benefit gained by the Blastoff Network of Prepaid Legal’s 400,000 person sales force is obvious but what is the benefit of Prepaid Legal’s new alliance with Blastoff, an internet startup billing itself as the next big thing that’s going to change the whole internet?

Let’s Start With A Brief Review Of Prepaid Legal Services, Inc.

Prepaid Legal Services, Inc is the brainchild of Harland Stonecipher who founded the company back in 1972 after a devastating automobile accident that occurred in 1969 left him with huge legal fees when the person responsible for the accident had the audacity to sue him!

Because Stonecipher had medical insurance as well as automobile insurance, the financial impact from the accident was minimal. However, Stonecipher had no insurance to cover the cost of the subsequent frivolous lawsuit, a lawsuit he eventually won. The out-of-pocket costs associated with defending himself were born by him personally and left him financially devastated.

The pre-eminent provider of legal expense plans in the country with upwards of 1.5 million members, Prepaid Legal is a New York Stock Exchange listed company and boasts a sales force of more than 400,000 independent representatives who market its various legal expense plans and identity theft programthrough a multi-level marketing program.

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